Covid-19 community fund

Project H.E.R.O. COVID-19 Community Fund will provide aid to those in need duding this crises.

The money raised by the fund can go to aid in several areas of support as shown below but not limited to: 

how we're helping


Online School Programs for grades K-12 (Physical, Recreational & Educational courses)

We will be working with the county school districts and independent study programs to provide credit-based classes so that students can continue their regular education, in addition, to have access to new learning avenues due to the diversity of the web!


Online Mentorship programs for students that no longer have access to school counselors.

This is a huge OVERLOOKED essential need. There are many students who rely on specific teachers, counselors, tutors, groups, etc, for a safe space. Many students that rely on these outlets will be faced with severe emotional/ mental distress & challenges during this Stay At Home period.


Financial & Resource Aid

Financial aid and/or Resource aid to the families of children who will not be able to purchase food and essential goods due to loss of work during this Stay At Home period. (Another OVERLOOKED area in this disaster is the children who rely on Free Lunch programs that are  provided by attending school, how will these kids eat?) In addition to finding ways for kids who don’t have internet or computer access (another OVERLOOKED crises within the crisis).