Why h.e.ro.?


Why We're Here


People have been gifted the power of influence over our environment, the influence becomes exponentially stronger as we come together to ensure the surviving and thriving of not just the collective, but the individual. Now, the environment has its influence on us – she is Mother Nature who nurtures us to become the individual who lives, interacts, and contributes to the world. Our environment is not limited to our immediate geological positioning, but our immediate experiences that shape us into who we are – our socioeconomic status, the family we’re born into, the education that’s available, the role models who (implicitly and explicitly) take the role of our heroes, etc. We are the most vulnerable and receptive to our environment during childhood due to the formation of our brains and our need for security from our caregivers. The foundation of the transition from immature child to mature adult comes from your subjective experience as a child, this is where you learn the conditions of being accepted, loved, and vice versa. In short, as a child, you learn who you need to be to survive and thrive in your world. 

If your environment has a strong influence on you, you may be very grateful of the people, resources, and support that you had to become a secure mature adult who has the capabilities and willingness to survive and thrive in society. You may also start to ask yourself a series of “what if” questions such as: How did you learn from the people and environment you grew up in? What if you didn’t have nurturing adults who believed in you? What if you were not loved for who you are? What if you had to learn how to cope with an abusive parent or family member because as child you are incapable of saving yourself (or another family member) or escaping? In the United States; 1 in 10 kids commit suicide, 1 in 10 kids are diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), 1.9 million kids from the age 3-17 years are diagnosed with depression, 4.4 million diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder, 1 in 2 kids with depression have behavior problems (3 in 4 kids diagnosed with depression also diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder). Why are these numbers so terrifyingly high and what does this mean for the future of our kids? And more importantly, what can we do to help in alleviating and curing their suffering? 

Project H.E.R.O. USA is a 501(c)3 non profit organization that stands for helping everyone reach and overcome. We are devoted to empowering kids by providing the environment, resources, and heroes to help nurture kids to be secure in themselves while building their character. Through our programs and mentorship, we are looking forward to a future where kids grow up with a strong sense of self and the confidence to reach higher and overcome any obstacles in their life. We want to give our kids heroes who they can count on in times of need and who are there to help unlock their superpowers – and eventually, become heroes themselves.