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Project: H.E.R.O. is involved in supporting the growth of our kids and their communities through school programs on and off-campus. Kids participating in extra-curricular activities that promote character development see improvement in their academic achievement and are less likely to participate in risky behaviors. Unfortunately, in many states, extra-curricular activities in public schools have been affected by education budget cuts. Project HERO seeks to fill the void, establishing essential character development programs and role models back in front of students grades K-12.

Below is a list of some of our after school programs. To learn more about Project HERO's after school programs or to get your school or organization involved email us at

On-site programs: Project Hero has partnerships with numerous vendors that can provide FREE to Little Cost programs on-site at any given school or program seeking help. 

Off-site programs: Project HERO has partnerships with numerous vendors that can provide FREE to Little Cost programs off-site to any given school or program seeking help.

Carlsbad, California


For more information on this specific program, visit WWW.TEAMMAI.COM

We are proud to announce that we have after school programs in all 9 public elementary schools in Carlsbad and 1 school in San Marcos. Our programs are free or reduced-priced to remain affordable at all schools because we believe that every child should have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Martial Arts. All students enrolled in our after school classes are also allowed to attend classes on Saturdays for FREE at the Martial Arts International dojo. This beginner karate class both at school and the dojo teaches kids how posture, focus, and self-discipline can be applied to everything in life and will help them become successful. Students also learn valuable self-defense skills. Each session of our after school programs culminates in a promotional belt test where the students receive their Orange/White belts upon passing their test. The test also includes a free uniform and a sponsorship transfer rate! This is a very exciting day for the students, where the whole family can enjoy the karate demonstration by our Demo Team and refreshments (cookies, water, coffee) will be served.

Some of the schools we are currently servicing: 

Aviara Oaks Elementary

Buena Vista Elementary

Calavera Elementary

Carrillo Elementary

Carlsbad Country Day School 

Hope Elementary

Jefferson Elementary

Kelly Elementary

Magnolia Elementary

Poinsettia Elementary 

Tracy, California


For more information on this specific program, visit CASTROMARTIALARTS.COM

“Impacting the Community through the Martial Arts” 

At Castro Martial Arts we go far beyond mere kicking and punching. Academic achievement, physical conditioning, and peer interaction are emphasized as well as development in aspects of life such as dealing with bullies is taught. 

Martial Arts is not just a method of self-defense, but a way of living. Its benefits are applicable in everyday life. Our carefully designed program for children of all ages will improve your child’s performance in other sports on top of improving study habits and increasing overall concentration. 

In addition, by building 'self-confidence, self-respect, and self-discipline, we are helping young people deal with the many problems they face growing up in today’s world, including drugs, peer pressure, and gangs. There are so many Martial Arts styles, that one cannot benefit from learning only one. Learning Skills in several systems will increase your knowledge and skill, in turn enhancing one's capability to NOT BE THE VICTIM. 

At CMA, our Martial Arts program is the best way to go. We teach our students using a basic philosophy of positive reinforcement to build self-esteem, confidence, discipline, positive Attitudes and Values. We offer a martial arts experience unlike any other, come and discover for yourself why everyone is talking about Castro Martial Arts!! 

Castro Martial Arts have been serving the Tracy community since 2006. Under the direction of World Sport Karate Champion, Julio Castro. It is C.M.A..’s mission to invest in the future of Tracy’s youth through martial arts. With an emphasis on self-defense, self-discipline and the development of positive life skills, C.M.A. is devoted to molding tomorrow’s champions.


Camp 360

The Hero's Journey

 Camp 360 is inspired by the Hero's Journey, we provide the mentors and guides to teach kids to gain the skills and confidence to become their own hero and be able to return back to their environments with the confidence in their own superpowers and authenticity. We provide a safe environment so kids and teenagers can strengthen their character and gain tools to help them confront real problems. We provide group and individual mentorship through our team of Heroes and character-building activities. By strengthening our students, we aim to empower them to navigate through their lives with a better understanding of who they are and how to overcome past, current, and future obstacles.

We are fundraising to start a Camp 360 for this upcoming summer. Please support Camp 360 & Project H.E.R.O. by clicking here.


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Roy's Dream Scholarship

Roy's Dream Scholarship

Roy's Dream Scholarship

 Roy's Dream” is a scholarship award in honor of the memory and spirit of Roy Anthony Rodriguez. 

Roy's Dream is a Student Scholarship Award, rewarded to students of MGM High School at the end of each school year. The award recipient will be determined by myself and the faculty of MGM High School. It will go to a student that embodies the same spirit as Roy, a young man or woman going through extraordinary challenges with an extraordinary smile and a sense of joy and hope.


Hero Scholarship

Roy's Dream Scholarship

Roy's Dream Scholarship

The Hero Scholarship is a scholarship is awarded to students who have experienced growth in the academic and character development.

The Hero Scholarship is awarded not solely based on academic merit but also for students who have progressed in the development of their character. We hope that this scholarship can assist in funding students who may not have the highest GPA but have the greatest growth! Students will apply with their transcript and submit a writing prompt.